Rajendra Academy for Teachers’ Education imparts teacher training courses without compromising the quality. With the changes occurring in and around it is imperative to identify the expectation and aspirations of the students, teachers, alumni, parents, employers and other stakeholders. The College encourages all the stakeholders to share their valuable feedback which is implemented for overall development and progress. Feedback received from the students, alumni, parents, employers and others are analysed and proper action plans are developed to incorporate the better initiatives and bridging the gap areas.


 The feedback mechanism has the following objectives.

  • Ensuring a balanced learning environment.
  • Focusing on professional enrichment.
  • Monitoring the teaching and learning process.
  • Guidance on student’s progress and achievements.
  • Addressing the concerns of students and others.
  • Academic culture with broad perspectives.
  • Evaluating programme specific and course specific outcomes.
  • Promoting participative and democratic functioning with mutual trust and cooperation.

Feedback Mechanism: The process of development of any Institution is dependent on a well designed feedback system. Rajendra Academy for Teachers’ Education has adopted 360 degree feedback process which accommodates all the stakeholders. The mechanism of feedback process consists of three stages which are as follows.

(i) Collection of Feedback: It involves systematic collection of feedback from the students, alumni, parents, employers and other stakeholders. Feedback collection is done by a structured questionnaire with standard rating scales for objective analysis. Open ended questions are also included in the feedback questionnaire for qualitative analysis.

(ii) Analysis of Feedback and Reporting: The data and information received from the feedback is analysed thoroughly by the core committee members. During the process of analysis full confidentiality is maintained and the report is submitted to the Office of the Principal.

(iii) Action Taken Report:  The Principal and Management of the College finally decide on the action plan to be implemented for qualitative enhancement and reducing the gap areas. The action plan covers various corrective measures and improvement methodologies.

Student Satisfaction Survey

SSS -2019-20

Feedback Forms

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