Rajendra Academy for Teachers Education, a composite unit of D.El.Ed and B.Ed and M.Ed, has been actively engaged in teachers’ training programs.  It also provides study facilities, educational and recreational reading not only for the students but also for the staff and faculties of the Academy. The college endeavors to make the library quite user-friendly. Equipped with books, journals, periodicals, newspapers, the area of the library is highly recommendable to accommodate around more than 50 students at a time with an ambience of strict discipline.

The college Library Committee believes in the slogan that “Libraries are keys to the past and Gateways to the Future”.

Library is a wealth of knowledge. The infrastructure of the library is excellent. Apart from ample space allowing easy manual browsing of the books it provides adequate reading facilities. The library is held with enriched collection of books. The library is not stocked with books as par the latest syllabus but also there is advanced books for precocious students. Career oriented books and newspapers are also in stock.

The library runs under the influence of high quality journals, biographies, and the autobiographies of the eminent personalities for the sake of high quality education as well as promoting conducive for learning to suite the variegated demands of patrons.

The management and the principal of the college take special care to adorn the library status to a higher level with the objective to enhance the growth of education among the students. Presently, the college library uses the latest version of LMS KOHA (19.05) enabling the operation speedy as well as accurate.

The library is striving hard to transform the college into a totally digital library or e-library so as to match up with the dynamic concepts of education system.  This dynamic concept is to highlight the digital education system also for the benefit of the staff and the students.

The College Library is administered by the Library Committee headed by the Principal and the Librarian holds the position of Member Secretary while the teachers-in-charge of all the Departments of the College are the members of the Library Committee.


  • The main motto is to give the utmost satisfaction to the patrons in order to provide the best service
  • The only intension is to make the intension in order to optimize the use of library resources  with Library instructional service
  • We are constantly strived to improve the services and try out the process required for betterment.
  • Rules and regulations should be modified from time to time
  • Renewal services are also extended over phone.
  • Reading materials are supported by the theory as well as the research are procured well in time
  • Subscription of the journals/ publications and the e-technology are to be looked about properly and carefully.
  • Library transaction are maintained and recurred properly.
  • Technology supported library service should be upgraded and optimum in use
  • The infrastructural needs of the library are upgraded as per the requirement


  • The college library aims at cultivating the moral values of reading and referrals of new books to the students.
  • Rajendra Academy for Teachers’ Education work towards modernizing the improvement of the library and the communication services
  • The college library should always be authentic towards providing the proper services and the updating of the library connections
  • Reviewing the readership of the library dept-wise is mandatory
  • An annual report should be submitted on the functioning of the library with all measures to improve it
  • The college is responsible for preparing budgetary policies and procedures for efficient use of library resources

Library Access timing

  • Monday to Saturday 11 AM to 4PM
  • Saturday- No borrowing of books unless emergency
  • Sundays Closed

Library Committee :

SL NONameDesignation
1Pfof. (Dr.) B.C SwainIn-Charge
2Mr. Suprakash ParamanikMember
3Mr.Soumyakanta BhattacharyyaMember
4Mr.Mahadev ChattopadhyayMember
5Ms. Susmita GhoshMember
6Ms. Jhuma DebMember
7Mr. Anirudh KumarMember
8Dr. Madhumita BaidyaMember
9Ms.Pallabi ChattopadhyayMember
10Mr. Mithun KunduMember

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