Rajendra Academy for Teachers Education is NAAC accredited composite Teacher Training College. It runs two year regular courses on M.Ed (Master of Education), B.Ed (Bachelor of Education) and D.El.Ed (Diploma in Elementary Education) duly recognized by NCTE (National Council for Teacher Education) and affiliated to WBUTTEPA (West Bengal University of Teachers’ Training, Education Planning and Administration), The University of Burdwan and WBBPE (West Bengal Board of Primary Education).The College adheres to the prescribed guidelines of the affiliating bodies and focuses on enhancing the teaching competencies among the teacher trainees with qualitative changes in elementary, secondary and higher level. The three wings of the College functions in collaboration with each other through inter disciplinary approach.

 The priority of the College is on the total development through manifestation of innate perfection of an individual. The curricular aspect focuses on harmonious blending of Head, Heart and Hand. It means synthesizing of knowledge (jnana), devotion (bhakti), work (karma) and concentration (yoga) for attaining the desired objectives. Rajendra Academy for Teachers’ Education considers curriculum as a total learning experience for students with various facilities in terms of content, strategies and co-curricular aspects.

Major Objectives: The core objectives of curriculum at Rajendra Academy for Teachers’ Education are as follows,

  1. Modern outlook with cultural and spiritual values.
  2. Experience based learning.
  3. Addressing the contemporary aspects with the changing social, economic and political environment.
  4. Integrity in character building.
  5. Innovation in thinking and applying the contexts.
  6. Prioritizing the requisite skills for prospective teachers both at micro and macro level.
  7. Use of ICT (Information & Communication Technology) across academics for techno pedagogic expertise.
  8. Encouraging community services among the teacher trainees as a means of helping others.
  9. Promoting Social outreach activities. 
  10. Co-curricular activities for enhancing social, intellectual and moral skills as well as personality development.

Focus Areas:  The College focuses on the following aspects in terms of curriculum.

  1. Concept and Context: Core courses on the foundations of education from philosophy, sociology, psychology for developing the concepts and contexts which are essential for a successful teacher.
  2. Functional Aspects: Pedagogical courses for facilitating the teacher trainees to understand the functional areas of teaching and learning. It covers subjective knowledge with pedagogy, assessment for learning and the skills to play the role of a successful teacher.
  3. Sense of Responsibility: The curriculum also emphasizes on enriching the teaching competencies through field based activities and internship programmes. Gap areas between theory and practical are addressed through structured internship, case studies, project work, assignment and practicum. The trainee teachers are given full opportunity to share, innovate and participate in the learning process.
  4. Capacity Building: As a part of reflective approach and holistic development mere knowledge generation is not sufficient. Various approaches like group presentations, seminars, observations, case studies, interaction with the community in multiple environments are practiced for multiple roles in the task of nation building.


Ideology: The College follows the following doctrine in course of executing the curriculum of teacher training courses. 

  1. Objectivity as the authentic source of generating, transmitting and application of knowledge.
  2. Freedom as the liberty of thought and self expression.
  3. Appreciation for diversities and respect to others.
  4. Liability towards the society and environment as part and parcel of global citizen.
  5.  Perfection with cognitive, effective and psycho motor domains.


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Syllabus of D.El.Ed.
Syllabus of B.Ed.and M.Ed
Revised M.Ed. Guidelines

Programme Outcome / Programme Specific Outcome

M.Ed, B.Ed & D.El.Ed

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