Time Table

Rajendra Academy for Teachers’ Education has a novel Vision to promote quality education and research, it implements through various activities. The time table is the inevitable part of the teaching and learning process. The timetable is a necessary tool for the efficient working of a school. It is really a mirror that reflects the entire educational programme of the school. "It is the timetable that supplies the framework within which the work of the school proceeds. It is the instrument through which the purpose of the school is to function."  The aim and objectives of the education can’t achieve without well framed time table. The time table frames by the well constitute committee which is compose of qualified and talented professor of institution according the norm of NCTE and affiliated universities and organization. The time table covers all the curriculum, co-curriculum and extra-curriculum activities. Every academy session, the institute frames the curriculum on the nature and activities. The form of a time-table depends upon the nature of activities carried in a college the more the number and variety of activities, the more type of time-tables.  

Time table indicates all the activities undertaken in an institution. It shows the hours of college work, kind of work or subjects, the teachers at work and at rest, the rooms being used in a certain period, recreational time, time of roll call, time of morning assembly, time of drill, games and other co curricular activities and time of interval. The institute is the spark plug which sets into motion its various activities. Time table is a mirror that reflects the entire educational programme followed in the college. It serves the following purposes:

1.  Save Time and Energy

The well planned time table save the time and energy and illuminate the wastage of time. The faculties are able to complete the syllabus in time of academy session. It, thus, directs the attention of both the pupil and the teacher to one thing at a time. Thus one's energy is automatically directed in a particular direction and this prevents a lot of wastage of time and energy. It also prevents confusion, duplication, overlapping and unnecessary repetition on the part of the pupil and the teacher

2.  Ensures due attention to every Subject or Activity:

The framing the time-table, due attention is given to every subject. Periods are allotted to different subjects according to their importance and their nature of subject and activities.

3.  Develops Moral Values

It helps to develop punctuality and regularity both in the teachers and the students by attend the college in time

(4) System of College Life

It develops the system of the college and students teacher and students maintain the life systematically. It helps the students the study habit formation and maintain discipline in both college and home.  

5. Progress

Time table help to progress the student’s academic achievement and remove their confusion

6.  Formation Good Habit

It has got a psychological advantages leading to the removal of fatigue which may occur due to prolonged hours of teaching and learning. A good timetable is very helpful in inculcating the habits of orderliness, punctuality and steadiness of purpose, both in the teachers and the students. It ensures regularity and even progress by preventing laxity. It develops a methodical attitude towards work among pupils and teachers in the college. Such adherence to a pre-arranged plan of work is the secret of success of all persons connected with the college.

7. Equal distribution of time to different subjects and activities

Time-table helps in avoiding the allotment of too much or too less work to any teacher. The timetable gives a summary of the work allotted to each teacher. The Principal know at a glance the amount of work that every teacher is expected to do. Thus, the timetable helps in avoiding the allotment of too much or too little work to, one teacher. This prevents heart burning among the teachers and so unnecessary tension to the Principal on this account.

8. Ensure smooth and orderly working of the school

 The major achievement of timetable is that everything is planned in advance. All the teachers and students know their jobs as well as the time they are to devote to each activity. If there is no timetable in the college, there is always the danger of negligence of duty, duplication of effort and repetition of unnecessary items and activities. The timetable places proper persons at their proper places, at the proper time and in the proper manner

9. It helps in adjusting schoolwork according to the needs of pupils

 The timetable helps the college authorities to adjust schoolwork according to the physiological needs of pupils. Fatigue, interest and freshness of mind and body are given due consideration at the time of constructing a timetable. As the Principal, he should see to it that ample time is provided in the timetable for the teachers to check the pupils' notebooks and also to prepare for their lessons. As far as the pupils are concerned, the Principal must ensure that co-curricular activities like sports, music, art and craft, library and other such activities get adequate time. This is very important for the all round development of the pupils.

1o. It helps in school discipline

 The college timetable directly aids discipline in the college to a great extent. It prevents confusion and duplication of work and lessens the need of punishment by keeping pupils busy in desirable activities. Everything appears to be in perfect harmony, smoothness and concord. The time-table has to be relaxed at times as per needs and circumstances.





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