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Rajendra Academy for Teachers Education is a dedicated Teacher Training College which caters to the need of the committed, competent and efficient teachers. The College always looks forward to its priority of enhancing the competencies amongst the trainee teachers. The task of excelling in building a nation along with the sense of commitment and sensitization makes it a perfect place to study. Articulating with the viewpoint of humanistic nature and education, the College also gives due priority to the emergence of the social responsibilities among the youth and the society.

The College took the initiative to collaborate with the organization of Bharat Scouts and Guides. The college had previously applied to Bharat Scouts and Guides so we can organize various programmes. The response from the organization was overwhelming and therefore the college decided to organize programmes that will be beneficial for the students.

Objectives of Bharat Scouts and Guides

Enhancement is the system of life. There should be improvement and enhancement in the ways of life. The major aims of life organizes and prepares an individual towards a better living standard

Inspiring knowledge: The main aim of the Bharat Scouts and Guides movement is to encourage the youngsters to become responsible citizens of India.

Developing Youth: Those who have the basic knowledge of every possible survival skill will benefit from this programme. This can develop a young mind with the physical as well as intellectual.

Help build a better world: The mission of organizing the campaign of scouting and guiding in the college campus is to contribute to the education of young people. This could be done through a value system based on the promise and laws of the scouts.

Opportunities for women: The College is ready to help build a better world where people are self-fulfilled as individuals and play a constructive role in society.

Mission for dynamic society: The College truly aspires to align with the enshrined values with the values and the objectives of fulfilling our mission as well as our vision to make a dynamic society all together.

Fitness & Expedition: The Scouts will have various challenges including Fitness and Expedition that continue to promote a healthy life style.  The Explorers will be encouraged and will continue to encourage their members to be active through the the badges that they can work towards.

Campaign and Programmes: There will be campaign and schedules programmes that are to be held in the college premise under the able guidance of the Bharat Scouts and Guides monitoring so that activities can reach a much higher level.


Bharat Scout and Guide


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