Innovative Teaching

Rajendra Academy for Teachers Education was established with the vision of imparting quality based education through progressive curriculum and comprehensive teaching strategies for developing skill based human capital. As a part of continuous development the College focuses on giving the best for the students with the state of art infrastructure and intellectual resources. Education is the foundation of growth and development. The learning in an academic institution determines the individual perspective and basis of future success. It shows the path of solving problems, ideals of working with others and to look upon the world around us. 

Rajendra Academy for Teachers’ Education has initiated the task of bridging the gap between educational goals and actual learning through exploring innovative ideas in education. Teachers of this College keep the students engaged in the process of learning and provide a secure platform to make mistakes, take risks and ask questions. Innovation implies seeking of knowledge that will support unique ideas of instructional strategies. 

Focus Areas of Innovative Teaching: The practice of innovative teaching focuses on the following,

  • Student centric pedagogies.
  • Learning beyond classroom.
  • Problem solving approach.
  • Integration of ICT with learning objectives.

Objectives of Innovative Teaching: Innovative teaching implies out of the box approach, challenging the existing methods, allowing the imagination to flourish for new avenues. The main objectives of innovative teaching are as follows,

• To demonstrate conceptual understanding of the respective discipline.

 • To work effectively in a multicultural, multilingual and multi disciplinary approach.

• To introspect the challenges with curiosity, critical thinking and creativity.

 • To apply the skills in order to solve the complex problems with feasibility.

• To comprehend different cultures and perspectives.

• To develop independent approach among learners with greater degree of self-efficacy.

• To inculcate a strong sense of personal and professional identity among the teacher trainees.

Outcome of Innovative Teaching: The priority of Rajendra Academy for Teachers’ Education has been to empower the teacher trainees as lifelong learners who shall be agents of change. Impact of innovative teaching is as follows,

  • Students get more interested in classroom activities and shows inquisitiveness to learn more.
  • The minds of the students get stimulated.
  • They can comprehend the subject matter efficiently instead of rote memorizing.
  • Innovative teaching adds value to the teaching and learning process.
  • Learning experiences get more relevant due to innovation.
  • Students, teachers and peer groups can collaborate effectively.
  • Innovative teaching encourages the teachers and students to explore research and unveil the contemporary route of problem solving.
  • Prepares the student for sustaining in real world by fostering leadership skills and independent thinking.
  • Facilitates in democratization of knowledge.
  • Making learning more challenging and enjoyable with the quest to expand beyond the horizon.
  • Innovative learners become risk takers and recognize the fact that nothing is fully perfect. It always prompt the students and teachers to make changes, adapt and improve continuously.

Members of innovative teaching committee:

SL NONameDesignation

1Dr. Madhumita BaidyaCo-ordinator
2Mr.Mahadev ChattopadhyayMember
3Mr.Anirudh KumarMember
4Mr.Prosenjit MandalMember
5Mr.Soumyakanta BhattacharyyaMember
6Ms. Sonia YasminMember
7Mr. Parimal DasMember
8Ms. Susmita GhoshMember
9Ms.Adrija DuttaMember

Innovative Teaching Practices Year Wise

Innovative Teaching -2016-17
Innovative Teaching -2017-18
Innovative Teaching -2018-19
Innovative Teaching -2019-20

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