Blood Donation Camp

Rajendra Academy for Teachers Education is a dedicated Teacher Training College which caters to the need of the committed, competent and efficient teachers. The College gives priority to enhance the competencies of the teacher trainees for excelling in the task of nation building with commitment and sensitization. Articulating with the philosophy of humanistic education, the College also gives due priority to the emerging social responsibilities.

The Institute organizes the  Blood Donation Camp for Welfare of the society and  motivating the students to become a responsible citizen and blood donor as well as spreading the message of peace and harmony through humanitarian approaches. Blood donation is one of the most significant contribution that a person can make towards the society. It is not harmful for an adult person to donate blood. The body of the donor can regenerate the blood within few days. It poses no threat to the metabolism of the body.

Rajendra Academy for Teachers Education took the initiative to collaborate   with the Indian Red Cross Society  of Durgapur in order ensure the safe and adequate supply of blood with the motto to promote blood donation activity among the youth. The blood donation camp received overwhelming   response from the faculty members, students, alumni and other stakeholders and the event was a grand success.

Objectives of Blood Donation Camp

Blood is the gift of life. There is a wide gap between demand and access to safe blood. The major aims of organizing blood donation camp in the College are as follows,

  • Message of Humanity: Donating blood, not only saves multiple lives but also give an opportunity to add value to one’s life. It helps in teaching students about humanity and also defines the spirit of our natural co-existence for others.
  • Life Saving Measures: Blood cannot be produced artificially. Requirement of blood arises during medical emergencies, accidents and life threatening diseases. Teaching students about the importance of blood donation at an early stage will help in saving human lives and the sense of self gratification.
  • Ensuring Supply of Blood: Fresh blood is produced in the body. After donating the blood new blood cells get stimulated and improve the blood circulation of the body. It ensures adequate supply of blood to the blood bank which can be used for the needy patients.
  • Support to Critical Patients: Blood donation camps are organized with the purpose of supplying blood to the blood banks for the need of patients suffering from cancer, hemophilia, and thalassemia or accident victims.
  • Suitable Donors: The purpose of blood donation camp is to select a suitable donor whose blood is safe for the recipients. With increase in population and development of more advanced medical and surgical procedures, the need for blood is increasing day by day. Voluntary blood donors facilitate in maintaining adequate supply of blood.
  • Removal of myths: Blood donation is a noble act. Many people have wrong notions about blood donation and hesitate to donate blood. With the help of the Blood Donation Camps the misconceptions can be reduced and significance of donating blood can be inculcated.





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