Awarness Program

Rajendra Academy for Teachers’ Education crucially promotes and nurtures the social awareness through various activities and community program. These social programs help in enriching social upliftment and holistic approach towards development as a whole. The procedure for Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) nurtures social awareness, the ability to understand and empathize with other points of view. This part of the SEL Toolkit contains strategies and varied resources for increasing young people's social awareness.

Social Awareness helps in increasing the interactive activities and manages the emotions judiciously. Rajendra Academy for Teachers’ Education truly inspires students to reload the essence of social awareness among its students and fellow learners. There are various activities which take into consideration the social awareness and its vast impact. They are developing indeed a concept of self realization. It is important that they hold a broad range of experience and are exposed to people and materials irrespective of gender, racial, ability, or any kind of cultural bias.

Tree Plantation

Tree Plantation 2017-18
Tree Plantation 2019-20

Awareness Program

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