Rajendra Academy for Teachers’ Education is committed to professional excellence since its inception as a composite Teacher Training College. The College considers the employees as part and parcel of its family where all work together with a sense of responsibility. The College aims at fostering social responsibility and citizenship among the prospective learners through holistic education with a modest infrastructure and all sorts of support facilities for intellectual, emotional and financial needs.

The Staff Council is a represented body of all the staffs currently working with Rajendra Academy for Teachers’ Education. The Staff Council is the collective voice of the staff as and when required. This Council ensures participation of staff in the policy making and promoting the sense of belongingness. The teachers and students together owe the responsibility to make the society a better place to live through material achievements along with emotional and spiritual growth.

Structure of Staff Council:  The Staff Council of Rajendra Academy for Teachers’ Education consists of the Principal, Head of the Departments, senior faculty members and non teaching staffs. The Principal of the College is the Chairman of the Staff Council. The Council shall appoint one of the members as Secretary who shall hold the Office for one year but can be re- elected.                            

Scope of Staff Council: The Staff Council of Rajendra Academy for Teachers’ Education is an advisory body to assist the Principal in academic matters as well as in maintaining College discipline. Some administrative work of the College is also distributed by the Principal among the members of the Council. Meeting of the Council is convened at such times when the Principal may consider it necessary.  The Secretary of the Council shall keep the record of all the proceedings of all meetings. The Principal (herein Chairman) shall be the sole authority to take final decision.

Purpose of Staff Council: The Staff Council of the College has the following purpose:

  • To facilitate communication among the staff and College Management.
  • To collect and disseminate information related to staff matters as well as creating awareness of various College policies.
  • To participate, assist and advise in the decision making processes for safeguarding the interest of staffs.
  • To nominate staff representatives as members of various committees of the College.
  • To provide ideas for overall progress of the College.
  • To recommend new policies or changes in the existing policies pertaining to staff.
  • To promote and advocate professionalism and support opportunities for the staff.
  • To make the working environment of the College as enjoyable and enriching for all.

Rules of Staff Council:  The rules of the Staff Council of Rajendra Academy for Teachers’ Education are as follows,

  1. There shall be functional Staff Council in Colleges.
  2. All the members of the teaching staff, librarian, and office staffs shall constitute the Staff Council.
  3. Subject to the provisions of affiliating University, the Principal shall be the ex-officio Chairman in respect to the matters on which the Staff Council is required to take decisions.
  4. The Staff Council shall elect its Secretary who shall hold Office for a term of one year. The Secretary may be re-elected/selected for a second term but no person shall hold the Office of Secretary for more than two consecutive terms.
  5. Subject to the University statute the Staff Council shall take decisions regarding the following,
    • Preparation of College Time Table.
    • Organizing extracurricular activities including cultural events, sports and social service


  • Framing guidelines for purchase of library books and laboratory equipments in consultation

      with the respective departments.

  • Organizing the admission procedure of students.


  1. Subject to the provisions of University Act and statute, the Staff Council shall make recommendation

           in respect to the following matters.

  • Recommendations on introduction of new teaching posts and expansion of departments.
  • Recommendation of admission policy within the framework and guidelines stipulated by the affiliating University.
  • Recommendation on the guidelines regarding students’ accommodation in the College campus and welfare of the students.
  • Formulation of guidelines regarding discipline for students.
  • Formulation of policies for recommending the names of the faculty members for participation in seminars and conferences along with financial incentives.
  1. (a) The Staff Council shall function through the Committees appointed by the Council. Ordinarily no person shall be member of more than two Committees at a time. No person can hold office as a member of the Committee for more than two consecutive terms.

(b) The Principal shall have the right to be present and to speak at any meeting of any Committee.

(c) Each Committee shall have a Convener appointed by the Staff Council who shall convene the meetings of the Committee. Minutes of the meetings shall be prepared and maintained by him.

(d) The decisions of the Committee shall be reported to the subsequent meeting of the Staff Council for ratification, if necessary.

(e) The Principal of the College shall implement all the decisions of the Staff Council.

(f) The Principal shall implement all the decisions of the Staff Council. If any emergency arises in which immediate action has to be take, then the Principal shall take such action which he deems necessary and shall convey to the Staff Council for confirmation.

  1. The roles relating to the conduct of meetings by the Staff Council shall be in accordance with the

regulations laid down in this regard.


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