Research Cell

The Research Cell aims to nurtureresearch culture in the student teachers and faculties by encouraging researchin newly emerging and challenging areas of Teacher Education and in itsmultidisciplinary fields like ICT, Educational Psychology, Educational Technology,Action Research etc.This enhances the general research capability of buddingtechnocrats by way of participating in conferences, seminars, workshops,project competition, etc.

Research is the backbone of Teacher Education.Research helps educationists to re cognize and benefits the opportunities forcollaboration, sharing of knowledge, innovative practices ad skills. In orderto provide every faculty member and student teachers with the latest skills andexpertise in their area of interest, Rajendra Academy for teachers’Education has formed its Research Cell where in all our diverse teacherscan share their expertise would in return enrich, enhance and help everyfaculty member and student teacher to grow to the optimum. Thus, the ResearchCell was established, with the objective of motivating and empowering everyfaculty member. 


International Seminar 2019

International Conference- RATE

International Webinar

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