Plastic free Campus

RajendraAcademy for Teachers’ Education aware plastic free campus. being a Hazardouselement in the society posing a major threat to the livelihood of Mankind andother being in the world. The environment is getting polluted at the neverbefore pace sparing no mediums due to plastics. So it is becoming a keyresponsibility of every citizen of our country not just to “Say No to Plastics”but also to create awareness among the community as whole to stop thispollution and leave behind a green and pollution free place for our futuregenerations.


Campus: Plasticfree Campus.


Event: Anyactivity, meeting, conference, seminar, workshop, performance, speech, orgathering that takes place on the Campus.


 Single use: Any item designed to be usedonce and then disposed of or destroyed.


Single-useplastic food service ware: Any bags, straws, cups, containers, lids,cutlery, stirrers, or plates that are made of plastic and intended only forone-time use. This definition includes compostable or biodegradable plasticsmeeting these criteria.


Single-useplastic bottles: Any formed or moulded containers comprised predominantlyof plastic resin and intended primarily as a single-use container containingany beverage for human consumption. This definition includes compostable orbiodegradable plastic bottles meeting these criteria.


Single-useplastic banners: Any shape of banner made of plastic and intended only foronetime use. This definition includes compostable or biodegradable plasticsmeeting these criteria. Environmentally-responsible alternatives: Any item orsystem that can replace the items restricted by the policy that is completelyfree of disposable plastic.


Compostable:Made solely of organic substances that break down into a stable product due tothe action of bacteria in a controlled, aerobic process that result in amaterial safe and desirable as a soil amendment. Biodegradable: Made solely ofsubstances capable of being decomposed by bacteria or other living organism.


Implementationand Compliance

>The college will deploy a team of GREEN WARRIORS forthe mission comprising Faculty advisors who will ensure the Planning andimplementation of this Phase-wise Plastic ban in the campus.

> They willthoroughly monitor the implementation of the ban and meet frequently to asses& discuss extend of ban.

>They also prepare the agenda for next phase of banimplementation.

> All departmentsinside the campus are responsible for organizing or hosting events andactivities in college premises are responsible for ensuring compliance with thepolicy.

 >Collegemanagement is responsible for ensuring that the necessary facilities andprocedures are in place to enable implementation of the policy, with supportfrom the Purchase Committee, Committee on Catering and others.

 >The Committeewill be responsible for ensuring that restricted items are not sold ordistributed in catering outlets, vending machines, or retail outlets on campus.

 >The Committee willalso be responsible for ensuring that catering and retail outlets will use eco-friendly materials for their packing or serving of food & beverages.

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