Emergency Management Committee

Rajendra Academy for Teachers’ Education makes the provision from the representatives in order to form the different decisions and departments. The Emergency Management Committee is a committee that consists of the representatives that is formed with consisting of representatives from different divisions and departments. Emergency committee's mission is to collaborate on emergency management strategies and initiatives designed to enhance preparedness and improve the college’s ability to respond to all threats.


  • The Emergency committee will analyze the initiatives of the emergency management and evaluate the effectiveness for the emergency preparation, response, recovery, and mitigation at Rajendra Academy for Teachers’ Education.
  • The purview of the committee shall be limited to such matters pertaining to emergency preparedness, response, and business continuity planning. The main objective is to provide protection during times of extreme management.


  • The college emergency committee takes care of the emergency matters which look after the related matter in the college. Serious matters like the sudden attack, fire breakage, medical emergency and other emergencies.
  • The committee members maintain readiness to ssupport disaster response, recovery and mitigation. The Members of this emergency management committee have the understanding of the working understanding of the Emergency Management System and the responsibilities of personnel within these systems.
  • In the event of a natural disaster or emergency affecting Emmanuel's campus, this group will meet to make informed decisions and offer sound advice on responding to the crisis.
  • The college implemented RACE and PASS

R-  (Rescue)   A-  (Alarm)    C- (Contain)      E- (Evacuate)

P- (Pull) A- (Aim) S- (Squeeze)   S- (Sweep)

  • If there is any kind of emergency noticed within the campus, the victims or the witness can report directly to the Principal Office. The principal through the Emergency management committee will channelize the entire action.
  • The main function is to focus up to the safety and the preparedness for any emergency situation and provide improvements
  • The emergency monitors the whole situation and then takes the action against the emergency situation that arose.
  • The College Ambulance is always ready to serve in any terms of medical emergency without hassle
  • There are Fire Extinguishers which is likely to provide great support during any fire break out or any alarming and fatal situation

Emergency Management Committee Members

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