Course Offered

Master of Education (M.ED)

Master of Education (M.ED) is a two yearregular course with focus on Teacher Education. M.Ed course is being offeredwith 50 seats. The course is duly approved by NCTE and affiliated to WestBengal University of Teachers’ Training, Education Planning and Administration(WBUTTEPA) located at 25/2& 25/3, Ballygunge Circular Road, Kolkata -19.M.Ed course aims at preparing different education professionals. The M.Edprogramme is designed to enhance the knowledge of education with various components,developing research capacities and specialization for Elementary or Secondary Education.The course comprises of Perspective Subjects, Teacher Education, Tool Subjects,Self Development Courses, and Specialization in Elective Subjects, College Internshipand Field work and Research leading to Dissertation.

B.ED (Bachelor of Education)

Bachelor of Education(B.Ed) is a two year regular course which prepareteachers for upper primary (classes VI –VIII), secondary level (classes IX-X)and senior secondary level (classes XI-XII). B.Ed course is offered with 200seats duly approved by NCTE and affiliated to The University of Burdwan (BU)located at Rajbati, Bardhaman -713104. It integrates study of subjectknowledge, pedagogical knowledge and professional skills. Curriculum of B.Edcourse is transacted using multiple approaches like case studies, reflectivejournals, community interactions in multi cultural environment. Use ofInformation and Communication Technology (ICT), yoga, gender studies andinclusive education are also covered in B.Ed. It also provides sustainedengagement with the learners through school internship for inculcating teachingcompetencies along with enhancing professional capacities.

Diploma in Elementary Education (D.El.Ed)

Diploma in ElementaryEducation (D.El.Ed) is a two year regular course which prepares teachersfor the elementary stage (class I – VIII) for catering to the basic needs ofchild education. D.El.Ed course is being offered with 150 seats duly approvedby NCTE and affiliated to West Bengal Board of Primary Education (WBBPE) locatedat DK 7/1, Sector II, Salt Lake, Kolkata-91.The D.El.Ed programme covers studyof childhood, social context of education, subjective knowledge, pedagogicalknowledge and communication skills. Both theory and practicum are includedalong with school internship. For providing exposure to the requiredprofessional skills and capacity building in craft, fine arts, drama, physicaland health education field engagement activities are being conducted throughD.El.Ed.

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