Rajendra Academy for Teachers’ Education was established in 2009.  The vision of the Institute is focused on qualitative education, value driven measures, multi disciplinary and inter disciplinary approaches as well as sustainable development for total success. Amidst the constant changes in the field of education, the institute has continuously adhered to the academic standards and successfully imparted Man making education.

Alumni are the representative of the Institution who carries the message of success to the society at large. They are the significant stakeholder as well as an integral part of institutional development. Effective alumni relationship begins with providing a successful experience to the prospective learners. Alumni Association of Rajendra Academy (AARA) is the formal body of the alumni which acts as a bridge between the past and the present. It is a confluence of all those who studied in the Institute and are well established in their respective fields.  Alumni share the resources for significant and mutual benefit over the time along with their nostalgic experiences within the Alma -mater.

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